Our token swap has ended. Thanks for participating.



If you have WANKCOIN that was mined in the past, those coins are now convertible to the new ERC20 WANKCOIN as part of the WANKCOIN Token Swap.


Register at WANKCOIN.com

The first thing you need to do is go to WANKCOIN.com and register for an account. Hover over “REGISTER / LOGIN” in the top navigation and select “REGISTER” from the expanded menu.

Enter your email address and password. We suggest using a strong password, with both upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters.

Before you can complete the registration, be sure to read and accept the terms of service.


Confirm your account

You need to confirm your account. Login to your email and open the confirmation email, then click on the “Confirm Email” link.

Once you have logged in, we suggest you go to your account settings page and enable 2 factor authentication. This will require you downloading Google authenticator, but will make sure that your account is secure, even if your password is compromised.


Locate Token Swap

To start the Token Swap process simply click on “Token Swap” in the right-hand navigation of the WANKCOIN dashboard. The token swap page will load and will give you a unique address where you should send your old WANKCOIN.


Open your old WANKCOIN wallet

Open your old WANKCOIN wallet. If you no longer have your old WANKCOIN wallet, download links for the various versions can be found at: www.wankcoin.com/shawallet


Transferring your old WANKCOIN

Once your old wallet has loaded and been given time to update, click on the “Send” tab at the top. Copy the address provided on the WANKCOIN Token Swap Page and paste it into the send field. Add a label if you would like, and input the amount of WANKCOIN you wish to send.

Once you are ready, click “Send” to initiate the transfer. When the system confirms that it has received the old WANKCOIN, your new ERC20 WANKCOIN tokens will automatically be added to the wallet in your WANKCOIN account.

If you hold a large volume of old WANKCOIN, we recommend you send your coins to the token swap in batches of no more than 35,000 at a time.


What to do next

From there, you can withdraw your tokens to your own ERC20 wallet, spend them on products and services that accept WANKCOIN, or simply leave them in your online WANKCOIN wallet. If you do choose to withdraw them we recommend you use one of our approved wallet solutions found on the Buy WANKCOIN page.

That’s it! You are now ready to convert your old WANKCOIN to new ERC20 WANKCOIN Tokens.

Questions About The Token Swap

How do I check on the status of my swap?

If you’ve sent us your old WKC already, you can simply return to dashboard.wankcoin.com , login and note your WKC balance.

Is the process secure?

Yes, we’ve gone to great lengths to maintain the security of your coins. All transactions function on a unique one to one basis. Only WANKCOIN team members are involved in the transfer of WKC back to you.

How many ETH-based WKC do I get back?

Your old bitcoin-based WKC will be converted on a 1 to 50 basis. So for every 1 old WKC you send us, we’ll send you 50 ETH-WKC back. Simple as that.

How long does it take to swap?

The whole process is usually pretty quick. Expect the conversion process to take about an hour, start to finish.

Is there a limit on how many WKC I can swap?

There is a 35,000 WKC per transaction limit when swapping. However, there is no limit on the number of times you can swap.