Simply put, WANKCOIN is a digital currency for purchasing adult items and services in situations where other payment options are either not available, or not ideal for you. WANKCOIN takes away the fear of your data being stolen, your identity being sold, or your credit card being charged without your authorization.


Each and every WANKCOIN payment is initiated by you, the amount of that payment is chosen by you, gone are the days of “what’s this charge” and “did I cancel that membership”. Now you can surf safe and know that you will not be charged unless you decide to send a payment yourself.


Using a decentralized ledger system, WANKCOIN payments are made by digitally transferring currency from one address to another. There is no personal information being digitally transferred over the internet. Your information is secure, because you don’t even have to share it.


WANKCOIN payments are anonymous, no longer will you be submitting your personal private information over the internet to a service or company that you do not know, no longer will your significant other see “Big Tit’s Like Big Dick’s” on your credit card statement.


Reasons To Love WANKCOIN

That is the current estimated size of the adult industry. It makes more money than Major League Baseball, The NFL and The NBA combined. WANKCOIN has been designed and perfected to leverage this high volume industry.



Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Using the Ethereum platform (ERC20), WANKCOIN transactions are completed through the use of smart contracts, allowing you to send money directly to a merchant without the hassle or cost of going through a third party.

Great Products

Great Products

WANKCOIN is already accepted on over 100 great adult websites. Our partners include the 2018 XBiz Virtual Reality site of the year, WankzVR.com as well as one of the largest adult networks WANKZ.com.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

WANKCOIN users now surf adult sites with the piece of mind that their privacy is protected, that their spouses will not find out where their money is going, and that no charges can occur without them initiating the transaction themselves.

0 to 60 in 0.02 Seconds

OMG that’s fast! Surfers spend $3000 on adult entertainment every single second of the day.

Merchants Love WANKCOIN Too!

WANKCOIN isn’t just about making consumers lives easier, although that is certainly true, there are also benefits of using blockchain based transactions for website owners and content creators.
Traditional Transactions
Historically, the most popular way to join an adult site, or purchase an adult product online, is with a credit card. Mainstream businesses pay around 2% or so in processing fees, however adult entertainment is considered high risk, so adult sites generally pay between 5 and 6% just for the right to accept credit cards.
Additional Costs
Merchants can not work directly with credit card companies, they need a secure gateway to act as an intermediary to guarantee the validity of the transactions. This, at a minimum ads a couple more percent to the cost of the transaction. The thing is, only a handful of adult merchants are big enough, or have the knowledge to be able to process like this without another hand digging into the pot.
Still More Costs
The majority of Adult Merchants use an IPSP, (Internet Payment Service Provider). These are great companies that take on a lot of the risk, help you to manage your customers and are often recognizable to the average customer. The issue is, they can charge upwards of 13% to process your transactions.
What Does All That Mean?
That means that in most circumstances, well over 10% of the money you pay for a membership, or for a product, never even gets to the merchant, that’s inefficient!
Alternative Payment Options
Ah, Paypal, Pay By Phone, Pay with a Gift Card, the options are vast, but the reality is these are the most inefficient transactions there are. They may provide you with a little piece of mind but joining with any of these will cost the merchant a minimum of 15% of the transaction value and several of them cost upwards of 35%.
Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) are incredibly efficient, the transaction cost is minuscule compared to other types of payments. When a merchant charges $10 worth of  WANKCOIN for an item, the merchant receives $10 worth of WANKCOIN, not 10 to 35% less.

30,000,000 Friends Online Right Now

That’s the number of people watching online porn at any given moment, like right now….
…..Or right now!



Product Quality

When 15% of your revenue never even gets to your bank account, it’s hard to spend extra dollars on things like Quality Control, or extra development resources to ensure your products run smoothly and quickly.

Content Quantity

Putting money back in the hands of the merchants doesn’t just mean they get new Ferarri’s, they’re business men and women, it means more money they can spend on content to keep surfers and members like you interested!

Passing The Buck

The cost savings by accepting payments through WANKCOIN are so significant and make such a difference to a companies bottom line, that some of our partners are even offering memberships purchased with WANKCOIN, at a discount as compared to other methods.


How does WANKCOIN work?

WANKCOIN is a bit different from the traditional payment options you’ve become used to. Don’t worry, wrapping your head around how it works won’t take you long.
How do I use them?
First, you’ll need a WANKCOIN capable wallet. It’s easy to get setup using our step by step guides. More on that here. Once you get your wallet setup, you’ll be ready to buy, spend and exchange WKC.
How do I get them?
We’ve taken the guess work out of this part. Simply sign up for a free account and you’ll get access to everything you need to easily buy & sell WANKCOIN.
Where do I spend them?
Now for the fun part. You’ve got WANKCOIN and you’re ready to spend them. Lucky for you, we’ve got a diverse network of properties that are currently accepting WANKCOIN as payment.

The adult entertainment digital currency is available for purchase, unlike many cryptocurrencies that are not applicable to real-world transactions. Foshan says in the release it will be partnering with more sites to bring more entertainment options to users, adding that both the users and partners benefit from transaction fee reduction, fast payments and elimination of fraud and lessened burden of data protection, all of which make WankCoin a payment option of choice for not only those buying adult content, but also those selling it.”

Tabish Faraz – CoinReport