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We encourage you to come in and give us your thoughts on WANKCOIN or just blockchain technology in general. Where it’s going, how we can continue to harness it, and any potential road bumps. Our team is open to discuss everything. Keeping in mind our singular goal of building and maintaining an incredible platform that serves our entire community.



Our early adopters are having incredible success using WANKCOIN as a payment option. Implementation has been smooth and the results speak for themselves. We’re thrilled to see how well it’s going.


If you’re interested in adding WANKCOIN to power your properties, we’d love to hear from you. Our team would be happy to walk you through any questions you may have about getting setup.



Since Day 1, our industry has always shared it’s ideas around with one another. Despite being a massive industry, it’s also one of the most close-knit communities too.


With blockchain technology, things should be no different. The more we share, the more potential we can harness from this incredible new tech. So get involved and share your thoughts. Let’s build something special.

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